XtraCash, LLC competes with payday lenders by offering a better product with lower fees. The program is about empowering CU members to avoid the habitual payday lending cycle, and transitioning them back into mainstream credit union products and services. With our innovative program, we help credit union members get out of the high-interest payday loan cycle.

Designed by credit unions for credit unions, XtraCash helps you build stronger relationships with members, and acquire new members, by providing the best short-term loan solutions and low-risk services possible. XtraCash also serves as a credit union non-interest income generator and incurs any loan loss.

XtraCash benefits your credit union, so you can come through for your members. Life is unpredictable for all of us. There are times when even the most financially responsible person needs help covering unexpected expenses – perhaps an emergency medical expense or car repair. Your credit union can become the trusted source your members reach for when they need a little “Xtra.”